Michael Wepplo is a prolific food photographer and illustrator with over twenty years of experience creating images and full package layouts for every major package design firm and CPG across the country. Known for having a deep insight into the consumer’s needs, Michael specializes in food photography, enhancing taste and freshness appeal by creating package designs that simply pop off of the shelves. Michael Wepplo’s rare all in one studio that takes images from production to fully composed design, even including unique hand-painted 2D or 3D characters. Completing around 2000 packaging products per year, Michael Wepplo’s client list ranges from big consumer products to gourmet and all-natural food & beverage brands.
Michael and his team of photographers, food stylists, and layout artists create hundreds of head-turning chocolate splashes, perfect strawberries, and crunchy granola bars each year. With a keen eye and a true understanding of creative direction and the market place itself, Michael himself maintains creative oversight over all final art and handles relations with each client personally.  Known for diligence, flexibility, and achieving desired goals Michael has maintained numerous client relationships for upwards of ten and even twenty years.


As a Southern California visual artist professionally trained at the Art Center College of Design, Wepplo merges his skills as a product photographer, illustration & airbrush artist, and graphic designer to create ultra-real illustrations that range from naturalistic to idealistic. With an interest in art since childhood and equipped with one of the earliest personal computers, Wepplo was one of the first artists to go digital, making digital art before there were even computer-based art programs. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, Michael Wepplo has been a true industry leader in food photography, ahead of the curve in both design and technique for the past two decades.



With over 15 years of experience, Bryan is able to mix fresh thinking and new ideas to create and refine some of the industry’s most iconic images and campaigns, only tempered by his insistence on absolute perfection and customer satisfaction. A casual stroll down any retail isle reveals the sheer scope and longevity of that design and implementation, leaving potential clients only to dream bigger.

In the wake of this health and economic crisis, we wish all our clients and the artist community only health and safety! We believe we will weather through this with grace and come out the other end stronger and more connected.

Our teams are working; remote working is a common thread in our business and creating beautiful imagery in this time is one way we can help the world heal. If you need support on any Photography or Illustration projects, we welcome the work and would be happy to divert our attention to what we do best!