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Vertex Award Winner

In an aisle full of large clear bottles all filled with the same clear liquid, how do you stand out? With quality, cost, convenience and imagery.

With thousands of locations all around the world and the desire to create the the best tasting, most pure water at the best price, 7 Select only needed the imagery to set them apart.

When every project gets the hard work, skill and dedication it deserves, great things happen. And we couldn’t be happier than winning a 2017 Vertex award for our design and packaging work on Pure Water and what the future holds for our next great collaboration, could that be you?

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Wether it’s on the shelves of every major retailer or the most obscure parts of the web it’s always a pleasure to see our work recognized and highlighted for all the hard work and experience that goes into each and every image.

So when Guff decided to do an article on the strangest chocolate flavors it was only natural for them to pull from the very best lemon and chocolate images they could find, which happens to be one of our favorites too!

For more visit the article on Guff or just look around for more great stuff.

From concept to completion

Reforming and creating new packaging for any brand is no small task, a fact that’s multiplied many times over with large, well established brands such as industry leader Lactaid

Known for producing low and no lactose dairy products for people who are sensitive to intolerant of lactose, Lactaid has only one goal, to offer the freshest, most delicious real dairy products to those that might not be able to enjoy them otherwise.

Of course it helps to have a unified branding and imagery to tie it all together and with our partners HMS Design, we were able to deliver – from the freshest images to the inclusion of the Lactaid mascot across the brand, all the time and hard work delivered a better looking design, worthy of what’s inside 😉

Check out their full line of delicious dairy at a Walmart, Target, Rite Aid and others near you, or online through Amazon, Google, Target and Walmart.


As seen on The Drum

You can find us on the Drum under the US Creative Department show case, specifically for our transformative work with Murray Food and their Stoneridge Orchards packaging redesign across their entire 10 product line.

Aiming to bring quick and delicious snacks and ingredients to health conscious consumers, our work was praised for it’s imagery focused on natural ingredients and simple deliciousness.

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US Creative Department

Food in 2017

From healthy choices to technology, humans are on the cusp of a major revolution in food in 2017.

Faced with endless data, social media and social circles, the push to eat more than right is taking hold with innovative ingredients, mixed preparation and the reintroduction of forgotten cuisines dominating conversations and media or as a recent article in Forbes more succinctly states –

“Food photography will become even more important”

Fortunately the staff at Mike Wepplo Studios stays ahead of the curve in food photography from the latest techniques and equipment, to the inherent knowledge of our staff representing increasingly dynamic audiences and their interests.

With 2017 already on it’s way,the time is right to start your journey with the best in the business of food photography today.

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2016 AGDA Winner

Once again the wonderful folks at the American Graphic Design Association have chosen to award our work in 2016 highlighting our packaging and design for 7-11’s delicious Gummi Bears and Sour Neon Worms along with the Go-Yum collection of snacks.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported us as we continue to bring the same level of focus and results in 2017!!!!!!

AGDA 2016

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As long time members of LinkedIn we have also created a company page for our followers and fans to see more great content and information catered directly to our LinkedIn page.

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Vanilla Illustration LA Food Illustrator

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As one of the webs hottest destinations for fashion, beauty and home decor it’s only natural than many of our most stunning images would be included in the Ployvore mix, setting the tone, shaping your profile and brightening your online experience.

As images rotate in and out there’s always something new from our vast collection being shared, like this tasty mix with vanilla Polyvore

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2014 REBRAND 100 > recognition

Sundia Corp
2014 REBRAND 100 > recognition

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Beverages


Industry Setting
A passion for fresh fruit and their health benefits set the founders of Sundia on a mission to create products that could deliver the daily recommended servings of fruit, easily and affordably. From their early beginnings in 2004 when they became the market leader in whole watermelons, Sundia expanded into other fruit varieties and juices, before focusing their business on single-serve refrigerated fruit cups.

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2016, APDA, Award, Winner, Walmart

2016 APDA Winner with Walmart

Along with our amazing win in the APDA Marketing by Design category, we are also very proud to announce our victory in the category for Private Label Packaging. Presented to us for our work with Walmart and their Great Value popcorn line of products.

Thanks again to all of our staff and partners for your amazing work.

2016 APDA

2016 APDA Winner with Welch’s

We are proud to announce that we have once again been chosen as winners of the American Package Design Awards in the Marketing by Design category for our work with Welch’s and their Refreshingly Simple line of beverages.

Thanks to all of our staff and partners for your amazing work.

2016 APDA

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Michael Wepplo is a prolific food photographer and illustrator with over twenty years of experience creating images and full-package layouts for every major package design firm and CPG across the country.