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Michael Wepplo’s state-of-the-art studio includes two photography studios, one of which features a 5000 square foot modern gourmet kitchen; three photography stations; six imaging stations; a contemporary conference room and lounge; and props as far as the eye can see.  Where a traditional photographer ends, Michael Wepplo begins. Specializing in complex jobs, Michael Wepplo paints with photography, maintaining the integrity of the product while amping up the appetite appeal. The product is always the star, with images standing out on shelves in stores across the country.

In the wake of this health and economic crisis, we wish all our clients and the artist community only health and safety! We believe we will weather through this with grace and come out the other end stronger and more connected.

Our teams are working; remote working is a common thread in our business and creating beautiful imagery in this time is one way we can help the world heal. If you need support on any Photography or Illustration projects, we welcome the work and would be happy to divert our attention to what we do best!